Lidl don’t waste any time, especially when it can make great PR

Zayn Maliks shock exit from One Direction caused outcry (and a lot of jokes) on Twitter, however, Lidl seem to have responded with the winning punch line. I often post blogs about creative PR, but I especially appreciate PR teams that handle situations with quick and witty responses. Lidl, upon hearing the news, tweeted a photo of the One Direction Easter Egg for sale in stores with the tweet reading, ‘#Awkward – looks like we’ll just have to knock a 1/5 off too. #AlwaysInOurHeartsZaynMalik #ByeZayn‘  Screen shot 2015-03-26 at 18.27.08

People’s tweets back to Lidl showed their support for the humorous reduction with one person tweeting, ‘Lidl are now offering 1/5th of their one direction Easter egg. That’s some genius marketing right there.’

Lidl Ireland even went on to make a hashtag #lidllaughs and tweet with it a photo of the easter egg with writing ‘*still featuring Zayn’

Screen shot 2015-03-26 at 18.37.12

The funny tactic has brought a lot of awareness to the brand over social media and potentially brought in new customers with one tweet in response saying, ‘This is hilarious, makes me want to shop at Lidl now.’

Screen shot 2015-03-27 at 19.00.18I always think that timing is very important when planning PR and marketing tactics and the can be very effective for gaining awareness. A similar case was in 2013 when Oreo tweeted in response to the Superbowl blackout as shown to the left.

Oreos clever and witty post received 10’000 retweets in the first hour alone and became one of the most rememberable ads from the 2013 Superbowl. It just shows how effective it can be to have a PR team on standby for whenever something happens that can be used as an opportunity.


Lidl used a similar tactic in response to Sainsbury’s slip up over internal communication:

Screen shot 2015-03-27 at 19.19.30Screen shot 2015-03-27 at 19.18.47








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‘Look at me’… as I look at you: Facial Recognition Billboards

A campaign that launched yesterday in Canary Warf, London used creative billboards to raise awareness of the fight against domestic violence. The campaign was created by London agency WCRS who teamed up with Women’s Aid and Ocean Outdoor to coincide with International Women’s Day this Sunday. 

What’s so amazing about the billboards?

As a way of taking digital advertisements to a new level of creativity facial recognition is being used to recognize when people are paying attention to the ad. As more people look at the billboard, the bruises and cuts displayed on a models face heal faster. The aim of this is to communicate the benefit of not turning a blind eye to the problem and recognising the importance of doing something to stop domestic violence when you can see it happening. . 

Despite the campaign only premiering yesterday the advertisment has already won an Interactive Award in Ocean’s annual Art of Outdoor competition 2014. 

Women’s Aid and Ocean Amplify the Violent Face of Abuse from Ocean Outdoor on Vimeo.

I think this is a great way of using this technology for raising awareness of an important issue, rather than just targeting us with the right products. I often write blog posts about creative campaigns that I think shine within the industry and this is definitely one of them. A conventional billboard would have gained awareness but this digital communication takes it to the next level and will really make people think. 

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Nescafe puts on its [3D printed] thinking cap

Nescafe have taken a creative approach at a new design for their signature jar lids by turning them into alarm clocks. However, that isn’t the only cool thing about it; The lids have been 3D printed.

I came across this new design by Nescafe a few weeks ago whilst doing some Social Media work for a 3D printing company called Isodo3D, in Southampton. The idea behind the alarm clock lid is that you have to get out of bed and unscrew the cap in order for the alarm to stop. This is an attempt from Nescafe to encourage people to start their day with a cup of Nescafe coffee. The 3D printed lid emits flashes of lights and a choice of 7 different alarm tones.


With the help of Publicis Mexico’s Innovation Lab, NOTlabs, the creative studio of Los Angeles based, design inspiration company, NOTCOT Inc. and illustrator Charmaine Choi, Nescafe was able to creatively rebrand their signature jars whilst using innovative technology.

After looking into what 3D printers are capable of, I was amazed at the developments that have already been made and the possibilities it could bring in the future. Some developments are life changing where as others are simply sparks of creativity. Have a look at some amazing 3D printing Pinterest pins here

Nescafes’ creativeness:

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British Airways, Flying High For Interaction

Earlier in the year I posted about how standard advertisements just won’t do anymore. To get noticed they need to be interactive and fun. They need to make people think and react. An example that I gave was ‘Smarter Cities’ campaign with 3D billboards that let the public interact with the advertisements in their everyday lives. (Check out this post here: I wrote about the campaign because it caught my attention and made me think, exactly what the billboards were set out to achieve.

After reading an article on about British Airways interactive billboards, it got me thinking about how creativity can be channeled by different formats to consumers. A billboard now-a-days doesn’t necessarily mean a poster that peels off after a month. It means digital. It means eye-catching. It means INTERACTIVE.

Below is a youtube video of the BA advertisement.

After the advertisement was released many people took to youtube to post videos of the billboard. These videos reached amazing view counts and were being shared via google+ by many of the viewers. This response shows the importance of being interactive with the public and the consumers.

British Airways’ head of marketing Abigail Comber said, “This is a first, not just for British Airways but for U.K. advertising. We all know from conversations with friends and family that we wonder where the planes are going and dream of an amazing holiday or warm destination. The clever technology allows this advert to engage people there and then and answer that question for them.” (, 2013)

I personally think that this quote from Abigail Comber says it exactly how it is. There has been many times when I’ve been sat (procrastinating) looking out of a window wishing I was onboard the plane flying overhead. These billboards express the thoughts of people watching the planes take off and the day-dream of wanting to be flying away. The creativity and interaction of these advertisements will be thought-provoking and encourage the consumer to book a flight.

Just another example of how to be interactive in the current digital world. Well Done BA!

If you’d like to read the article, then here is the link:


Moss, C. 2013. These Awesome Interactive Billboards Point To Planes Flying Overhead In Real Time. [online] Available at: [Accessed: 25 Nov 2013].