Smart Thinking For Smarter Cities Campaign

IBM has teamed up with Ogilvy agency to create 3D billboards for their Smarter Cities campaign. The billboards are as every bit handy as they are innovative and genius for gaining awareness. These 3D adverts act as rain shelters, benches, and ramps allowing the public to interact with the adverts in a new and dynamic way.


The main aim of the interactive billboards were to turn communications into useful pieces of infrastructure to be used in everyday life. Susan Westre, the Executive Creative Director at IBM says, “We were looking for an idea that reached regular citizens as well as city leaders.” Despite the creative and eye-catching design there has been a lot of questioning over the health and safety of them; the ramp design in particular as many feel a hand-rail would be needed. After the long process of approval for this advertisements Westre said, “By just getting this idea out there to the world, I think it will inspire others to think about how they can innovate, make, or do something that makes life a bit better in cities.”

I think this is a genius idea for creating awareness and giving the public the ability to interact with the adverts, good job IMB. Similarly as creative as 3M Security Glass bus stop advert. bus stop ad

3M Security Glass came up with the idea to put real money, 3 million dollars, inside two pieces of their indestructible security glass with the promise of ‘if you can break the glass, you can keep the money.’ Many people attempted to break the glass, some even returning with bats, axes and tree branches, but none being successful.

This advert also allows people to see the quality of the product and the company promise that comes with it.

These two examples just show how communications can stand out and be made dynamic and interactive. These should definitely be inspirational ideas for advertising, public relations and communications agencies.