‘Aldi win every time’… except for this time

This morning the Guardian wrote about Aldi’s slip-up in their recent ‘price-slash’ campaign and it caught my eye. Aldi’s campaign shows a comparison between the price of a basket of goods from the ‘big four’ supermarket, Morrisons,  to a basket of ‘equivalent’ goods from Aldi, saying ‘Aldi win every time’. However, this series of ads has been banned. This comes after Morrisons complained to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), calling the campaign ‘misleading’.

What caught my eye is the fact that they are indeed misleading and recklessly so. When it comes to the price war between supermarkets all of us know that you have to be very careful with the wording, pricing, and products shown; especially if you’re going to compare yourself with another!


Aldi’s basket of goods came to an impressive £11.42, whilst Morrison’s basket came to a less appealling £18.19.

At first glance, you might ask yourself…

‘Why would I shop anywhere else?’

However, the eagle eyed folk at Morrisons spotted that Aldi’s basket contained predominately own-branded products in comparison to Morrisons’ basket that was full of branded items.

Aldi’s (very) small print disclaimer informing consumers that Morrisons might sell own-branded products at different prices didn’t cut it with The ASA, with The ASA saying that ‘consumers would expect the products that Aldi selected to be a “fair and representative” selection.’

Aldi UK and Ireland’s Chief Executive, Matthew Barnes, responded by saying ‘the company was “extremely disappointed” with The ASA’s “ambiguous and inconsistent” decision.’

A sloppy error from an otherwise admirable retailer. Perhaps they thought they’d get away with it, but Aldi need to remember that the price war is exactly that and the ‘big four’ won’t accept poor communications.

Photo and quotes from The Guardian



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