Tinder used as tactic against sex trafficking

Tinder has recently been used as a tactic in gaining awareness of sex trafficking in Ireland by ad agency EightyTwenty. The agency teamed up with The Immigrant Council of Ireland to set up fake Tinder profiles as a tactic for bringing attention to the ever-current issue of sex trafficking.

image I came across this story when reading through The Independant yesterday and thought about how it was a great use of a current app. The fake profiles that were created displayed a series of photos that start with an attractive model and then as the user swipes through the profiles’ photos they find that they progressively show the impacts on women that are being sex trafficked. In some cases the photos showed the physical impact such as bruises and cuts to the face. The last photo will show the campaign call to action with the tag line ‘sex trafficking victims have no option’.

The campaign is designed to reach men of all ages and spread awareness of the issue. EightyTwenty has said that the responses so far are positive and that people are surprised to learn that sex trafficking is happening currently within modern societies.

Denise Charlton, chief executive of the Immigrant Council of Ireland, said, “[We’re] committed to using every possible opportunity to increase awareness about the activities of the thugs behind these crimes and the impact on their victims.”

I personally think that this approach to using the free service of Tinder to gain awareness with men of all ages is innovative and creative. Many of my previous posts have been regarding creative tactics used to gain awareness and I think that this is a great example of how to do it right. Yes, some people will probably find it annoying and potentially class it as ‘spam’ on the app but for the majority, it will have the desired impact. It is also important to remember that the issue has not only gained awareness through the app but also by news and social platforms that have discussed the success of the campaign, which will all benefit against sex trafficking.

Visit the site to find out more about the efforts being made against sex trafficking in Ireland here.


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