Mr Nutcase – review

I recently had the opportunity to do some work for whilst on placement at Atelier Studios and was then offered the opportunity to design a phone case on the website and to then review the process and final product.

Mr Nutcase is a phone case design website that offers a range of cases for a massive range of phone models with existing design patterns or a ‘create your own’ feature. Mr Nutcase has 3 different case styles (Ultra Light Weight Slimline case, Executive Leather Flip style, and Full Wrap-around Premium Edition)  for a large range of phone models. There are set designs that you can choose from, which are bright and fun. The best feature on the site, however, is the ‘create you own’ option where you can upload any photo you want and it’ll be printed onto either of the three case designs. I chose the Ultra Light Weight Slimline case and uploading and designing the case was easy enough. All you need to do is pick a photo you want on the case, upload the photo from your desktop onto the site, and then position the picture how you want to fit onto the case. This process was easy enough, however, the zoom buttons are a bit temperamental so be careful as to do not crop any of the image off by accident. You are given the option to preview the case before ordering so you can make sure at that point that all is fine with your design. When ordering your case you will get the option to like their Facebook page and in return get a free screen protector, which is a great bonus.

The site states that they dispatch the next day and they definitely lived up to that. I placed my order and received a confirmation email straight away, albeit to my spam box so watch out for that, and then an email the following  day to say that my case had been dispatched. Quick and easy service is a massive plus and I was impressed when my case arrived the next day. The printing quality of the photo is great and the matt finish makes it look smart and not so plastic-like or cheap. The surface of the case gives a good amount of grip, which is perfect for all those clumsy people out there, myself included. The see-through edges of the Slimline case is a great design feature as the phone doesn’t look bulky or even like it has a case on at all. The design fits perfectly with none of the edges sticking out or covering any vital buttons. I must admit that the very first day I had the case on, I dropped my phone onto my dinner plate but the case just easily wiped clean.

As it goes for pricing.. It’s surprisingly good for value. Starting at £14.95 for the Ultra Light Weight Slimline case, and yes, that’s for the ‘create your own’ feature, which is amazingly cheap compared to other services that offer your own designs.

20140618_1422282014-06-18 14.23.16

Here is my Ultra Light Weight Slimline case that I ordered through the ‘create your own’ feature on the Mr Nutcase website. I uploaded the photo of myself and my boyfriend (cute, right), which I was a bit wary about as the original photo was a bit dark and dull but the printed image is really vivid. (Please forgive the poor image quality. I quickly snapped them at my office desk)

Overall, I am very happy with the process and the final case.
– Quick
– Easy
– Good design
– Vivid printing
– Light weight
– Brilliant

The amazing part about Mr Nutcase, minus the great phone cases, is that it’s also an app! Download the app from the App Store and start creating your own phone cases from the snaps on your device.

Design your own here


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