WSPA who?

The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) has launched a rebranding in an attempt to stop confusion over the charities name and to increase awareness, globally.


Despite 50 years of charitable experience with animal protection, research involving nearly 6,800 people revealed fewer than 7% thought of the charity when asked to think of an animal protection organisation. The rebranding efforts consist of the charities name being changed to World Animal Protection.  International director of comms at World Animal Protection, Pippa Rodger said the purpose of the charity, which worked with consultancy Wolff Olins for the rebrand, was “not clear” and the acronym WSPA “was meaningless in many languages”. Rodger added, “World Animal Protection is clear, distinct and memorable. Changing the name to World Animal Protection brings our name in line with what we are trying to achieve – protecting the world’s animals.”

The aim of the rebranding is to create a clear and easily-understood strategy worldwide that allows people anywhere in the world to understand the charities core aims. The rebrand will roll out across the organisation’s 15 offices worldwide by the end of June.

0_414_0_http___offlinehbpl_hbpl_co_uk_galleries_ORP_WPA_picWhilst reading through the latest news this morning on, I found the article ‘The World Society for the Protection of Animals tackles “great confusion” with rebrand’ quite engaging; as I am a PR student who is interested in environmental charity work and campaigns. I personally think that the new name for the charity works a lot better and as the saying goes, it rolls of the tongue a lot better. I also like the logo change (pictured above) that incorporates the brands iconic orange colour but also introduces a compass style design that embeds the charities global strategies. The statistics mentioned above show the lack of awareness that people have of WSPA making it clear that change needed to happen. The new design gives a more confident and globally-appealing theme to the charity, making their presence within animal protection charities stronger and smarter. There are currently two separate websites running throughout the transition but World Animal Protection should be in full swing by the end of June.

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