Why I love being in PR

Sihle Bolani Communications blog


A lot of us have read and heard how the PR industry is fast-paced, competitive and often lands on “most stressful” lists.

I’ve learnt that this business is not for the faint-hearted nor those who don’t adapt/handle rejection well, nor those who cower at the sound of ‘no.’ If you’re lazy, this isn’t the industry for you, and flying under the radar? Good luck with that! Maybe at a big firm, but not for long because the radar identifies slacker-ific tendencies rather quickly.

Like any other job, there are going to be challenges – ups, downs, crazy colleagues, long nights, hiring, firing, crappy clients, unpaid bills and moments where #@$%! hits the fan. In my humble opinion, think we’re just more creative about our challenges, making what we do a lot more fun.

Although there are a gazillion reasons why I love PR, I’m only going to share a few…

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