Nescafe puts on its [3D printed] thinking cap

Nescafe have taken a creative approach at a new design for their signature jar lids by turning them into alarm clocks. However, that isn’t the only cool thing about it; The lids have been 3D printed.

I came across this new design by Nescafe a few weeks ago whilst doing some Social Media work for a 3D printing company called Isodo3D, in Southampton. The idea behind the alarm clock lid is that you have to get out of bed and unscrew the cap in order for the alarm to stop. This is an attempt from Nescafe to encourage people to start their day with a cup of Nescafe coffee. The 3D printed lid emits flashes of lights and a choice of 7 different alarm tones.


With the help of Publicis Mexico’s Innovation Lab, NOTlabs, the creative studio of Los Angeles based, design inspiration company, NOTCOT Inc. and illustrator Charmaine Choi, Nescafe was able to creatively rebrand their signature jars whilst using innovative technology.

After looking into what 3D printers are capable of, I was amazed at the developments that have already been made and the possibilities it could bring in the future. Some developments are life changing where as others are simply sparks of creativity. Have a look at some amazing 3D printing Pinterest pins here

Nescafes’ creativeness:

Images found here



2 thoughts on “Nescafe puts on its [3D printed] thinking cap

  1. Marketing Talk says:

    A very clever way to get people thinking about the brand first thing in the morning. However, it does make me wonder how stale peoples coffee will go after people start leaving the lid off as to not get woken up in the morning or how well the pot will fit in with the bedroom decor to save walking to the kitchen (I know this is what I would end up doing)!

    • Helen Cummings says:

      I had the same thought.. Will people really keep a coffee jar on their bedside table? Perhaps it’ll be used once because it’s a new toy and then placed back in the kitchen cupboard.

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