Vodafone Victory – Review

I don’t normally write reviews (unless my experience with a company has been REALLY bad) but I was so surprised by Vodafone yesterday that I thought I would give it a go.


Last Wednesday I lost my phone during a farewell evening from my previous placement at Atelier Studios. I have insurance on the device so when I realised my phone was gone it was more of a convenience than anything else. It was quite late at night when I realised I had misplaced it, so I thought it would be best to wait until the next day to go into my local Phones4U store to report it lost.

Now, this review is a positive reflection on Vodafone’s customer service, however, the same can’t be said for Phones4U. Just to get this off my chest, I went into the shop in the afternoon of Thursday before I was due to start work. I was a bit pushed for time but I was told when I signed the contract for my phone insurance that claims were quick and easy to make. Long story short, I waited for 20 minutes before being seen, to then be told that I needed to report the loss to the police even though they wouldn’t do anything about it (they said that, not me), and then go online to print out a claim form to send off in the post. (POST! Who uses post anymore?) Then wait up to a week for the claim to be accepted or declined to then wait up to ANOTHER week for the replacement phone to be sent out. I’m not sure about you but 2 weeks is not quick and printing off forms to send off etc. is not easy.

I left the Phones4U store and contacted my insurance provider (premierplan) separately later that evening. Minus the printing off of the form and sending off, their response was quick and informative. I paid my £50.00 excess and was sent an email confirmation that my new device was on its way. Easy enough at this point.

My next issue was that Phones4U gave me a new SIM that had my old number on, handy right? Well, it would have been handy if the SIM card would actually work in other phones. ‘SIM not supported’ was the message that I was given each time I tried the card in a mobile device. My next move was to visit a Vodafone store to request a new SIM that would have all my contract details on, which I was dreading. My previous experiences with this process have never been positive but I was in and out of the Vodafone store within 5 minutes. They checked out my information (updating my home address at the same time) and issued me a new SIM card. I was expecting to wait ‘up to 24hrs’ as the suppliers normally say but he laughed at how ridiculous I was for questioning how long the update would take, saying ’15 minutes at the most’. He was a very friendly, down-to-earth staff member and got the task done easily and quickly. The customer service I received was probably the best I have experienced from a phone network or supplier, probably ever. Top job, Vodafone.


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