A Day That Will Go Down In History #equalmarriage

After waking up nice and early on this beautiful Saturday morning (29th March 2014) I opened up Twitter to browse through my timeline and trends as I normally do. I was shocked to see another natural disaster effecting so many with aftershocks still rippling across California as I write this. Many people taking to Twitter to share their worries and advice to people who have been affected by the 5.1 magnitude earthquake. However, I was also drawn to the hashtag #equalmarriage that is currently trending worldwide (9.40am). Today is the day that same sex couples can wed in England and Wales. Such a world we live in that people had barriers stopping them from loving who they want. I’m not much of a religious person so I am not arguing against peoples religious beliefs, but in my opinion in a world of hate and war, love should be accepted with open arms.

The hashtag is overwhelming to read, with so much love and support being shared on this defining day.

Screen shot 2014-03-29 at 09.50.17

Screen shot 2014-03-29 at 09.49.00



These are two examples of tweets that are at the top of the hashtag feed, by @2lovelygays and @xMATTxLAWx. Along with every positive tweet comes a rush of favourites and retweets, showing the support made possible through this social media platform.

However, you can’t please everybody and of course there are some people with opposing views on equal marriage who have also taken to twitter to share their opinions.

Screen shot 2014-03-29 at 09.55.35


Here @TheDaiLJew has posted a screenshot from the Telegraph comments feed on an article about equal marriage day, which shows some of the negative views. However, overall the views being shared are that of congratulatory support, which in my opinion is a great step for England and Wales. One that supports positive social change. I am pleased to be able to recognise today for a defining time that will be remembered and taught about as English history for future years.


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