Experience: Live Client Pitch

Experience is important for any university student to gain, but it would appear that for PR students it isn’t just an added bonus to have. It’s vital and a ‘must-have’ if you want to get a graduate job offer.

Yesterday saw the end of period 1 for the second year of my university course, public relations and communications. The day consisted of live client pitches that would be assessed and contribute 75% of the total grade for Digital PR unit. The course group was split into two halfs made up of 4 groups in each. One set of 4 groups were pitching for Welchs grape juice brief, whilst the others were pitching for CooperVision brief.

I was in a group with 3 others pitching for CooperVision.

Here is a photo of my group for the pitch. Paige Hiley, Trine Larsen, myself, and Chloe Attwood (left to right). We worked really well as a group and all put in a lot of effort for the work. The day was very important and a lot of effort was put into rehearsals of the presentation. Fiona came as a representative of CooperVision along with Naomi from FiveByFive PR Agency. This added pressure and made the day more competitive as they would decide which groups would win ‘Best Pitch for CooperVision’, ‘Best Pitch for Welchs’, and ‘Best Overall Student’.

The key focus of the pitch was our groups tactics for the campaign and how we would measure the success. However, we couldn’t just said there and robot-talk through our ideas. We had to be energetic, creative, and find a way to stand out. We included little cheesy jokes and one-liners to get people laughing and also produced a short comical video to be played at the end of our pitch. The video was of myself and the other members of my group having difficulties with our glasses and subsequently wishing we had CooperVision contact lenses. It got the audience laughing and enabled us to stand out.

It was good to be able to sit through the other groups pitches as well to see their approaches to the briefs. Some groups had made a lot of effort, whilst others lacked a creative spark. After all groups had pitched it was time for feedback and for the winners to be revealed.

I was very pleased to find out that my group had won ‘Best Pitch for CooperVision’ and that we would be accepting a certificate for it from Naomi herself. Having a CooperVision representative choose my groups pitch as the winner was amazing and proved that all of our hard work had paid off. The group that I was backing to win ‘Best Pitch for Welchs’ did win it and was pleased as they had put in a lot if creative effort.

It was a great day and provided valuable experience for the future. A huge thank you is owed to the course leader and unit teacher, Sally Holland for planning the day and giving us students the opportunity to gain this real-life experience.


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