A Month That Passed in a Second

The aim of this post is to give a brief summary of some of the exciting things I’ve been up to since returning to uni in September. It’s been a while since my last post due to the manic blur of returning as a second year student. The return to uni has been rushed and stressful but of course, it’s been great.

The first month back for second year passed so quickly, it was october before I knew it. And now it’s November! Time is just whizzing by and the assignments are starting to pile on. The first 3 weeks back at uni were very calm and everyone had that fresh spring of optimism in their stride. 4 weeks in and that had well and truly disappeared.

So here’s a quick timeline breakdown of the first 2 months back at uni:

1st and 2nd week: Assignments are set and the routine of lectures sinks in

3rd week: FiveByFive agency visit

4th week: Group meetings start and assignments start to come together

5th week: Tim Leroy, Marketing Director from Novatech – guest speaker

6th week: Lemon Squeezy freelance guest speaker


I just want to mention how good the visit to FiveByFive agency was during week 3. FiveByFive is a local PR and communications agency with a focus on digital media. They set our brief to us which we later had to pitch for. The meeting was a great success and the whole course looked very smart and on form. Here’s all of us waiting to go in and get the meeting started. (I’m second in on the right)

The freelance guest speaker from Lemon Squeezy is coming up tomorrow which is very exciting and a great opportunity to find out about freelance work and compare it to the agency environment we’ve already seen at FiveByFive.

I’ve got a few ideas for a couple of blog posts that I want to do soon and will try my best to find time to get them posted. I’ve now managed to get myself a part-time job alongside my studies so I’m lucky to have more than a half day free. This ‘adult’ thing is hard work!


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